V4 Spark 


This program allows changing of the V4 Spark module settings via USB. 


The module must be connected to the USB before the configuration program is opened.  This can be done with the module on or off the bike (very early OEM box versions with a yellow circuit board must be done on the bike).  On OEM box versions, set all the DIP switches to OFF.

This only runs on windows.  Older units will need their firmware updated.  If the "Read from Module" does not populate the fields with numbers, then you probably have an older firmware.


Download - V4 Config.zip.  Uncompress, and run setup.exe located in the Package folder.  If you are upgrading from an earlier version, go into windows Add/Remove Programs and unistall the existing one first.

This driver is also needed for Win XP/7/8 - no driver needed for 10.  Download and uncompress -

V4 Spark inf J.zip - for firmware version "j" and later

V4 Spark inf.zip - for firmware version "i" and earilier

When connecting the V4spark module for the first time -

Win XP:

Win 7:

Win 8(.1):

Win 10:

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